Episode 4 Protocols
Chiefyuya.com/protocols In this segment, we discuss the value of protocols and their relationship to community building and personal sanity. Follow me @ChiefYuya on all Social Media and Youtube
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Episode 3 Paradigm Shifts
How many contracts have we implicitly made by assuming what is, is all that is? When we go beneath the surface or look behind the veil, we often show the truth of our reality. Some cannot stand to glimpse upon it for one moment and in doing so will have to veil themselves as Moses did when looking up on the backside of his God. Our paradigm shifts are a products of our epiphanies that call us to change our outlook on ourselves and our worldview. This "aha" moment leads to a worldview perspective based on divine and truthful revelation, not a desire to model someone else's patterns and models of what growth and evolution looks like.
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Links Discussed: AnuLifeGlobal.org/RedWrap GoFundme.com/RedWrap AllWhoresGoToHeaven.com GoFundme.com/AWGTH
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Episode 2 Built Anything?
People who have done the least tend to want to talk the most. When we are caught up in a wave of our own ego and emotions we can get pulled into debates and arguments with individuals who are not even qualified to be speaking on the chosen topic or even to is, as the chosen people.This segment explores the concept of "building" as a qualifier for credibility.
Links Discussed: AnuLifeGlobal.org/RedWrap AllWhoresGoToHeaven.com GoFundme.com/AWGTH
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